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Words from my heart (Lev), my first Jewish Prayer Book" is hands-on scrap book style book what introduces young children and their families to the world of prayer, spirituality, and God in a language that is accessible and inspiring. Through activities, exercises, and prayers, this book invites families to discover and start a conversation about spiritual practices in Judaism. It also empowers children, and their grown ups, to find the words in their heart and to create their own prayers.

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🇺🇸 Todah, Bevakasha, Slicha, Halleluyah song Ms. Eve, a Words From My Heart song 🌟 
🇪🇸 Únete a Eve y a Leo en esta nueva canción con las palabras del corazón: Todá (gracias), Bevakashá (por favor), Slichá (lo siento), Haleluyá🌟, canción de las Palabras de mi corazón